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Why Dieting Doesn't Usually Work  
What if you could just stop worrying about your weight and learned to eat only when you’re hungry…with Hypnotherapy you can

Dieting can become one of the main thoughts occupying many people’s minds, but dieting often doesn't work for the long term. One of the main reasons is that it doesn't change the way you see yourself, your self-image. 

Dieting is a temporary change, relying on willpower rather than choice, it’s a battle against your own will – you want to eat, but you stop yourself. The new weight is seen as ‘not like us’, a temporary change, and as we so often diet for a particular occasion, a holiday or a wedding, as soon as we reach our goal, it loses its power and we go back to the original self-image. We don’t change out internal self-image to match the new weight.

People can be classified into two groups of eaters:

Intuitive Eaters - those who eat mindfully, listening to the signals from their body when they are full and when they are hungry and eating a healthy, balanced diet with occasional treats.  Intuitive eaters spend less time thinking about food, and are less likely to be overweight.

Controlled Eaters - those who try to regulate their eating through willpower, often enter into a diet & binge cycle, spending much of their time thinking about food, and are more likely to be influenced by external influences, and find it difficult to consistently control their eating.

Through Hypnotherapy, you can reinforce a new self-image, the way you want to be, start to listen to the signals of your body, and change your eating habits to become healthier, allowing you to feel better about yourself – for the long term. By listening to and better understanding your body's signals  so that you eat when you're hungry  and stop when you're full,  because a lot of weight gain boils down  to eating when you're not hungry. Understanding why you eat when you are not hungry, the needs it fulfils, and finding new and effective ways to fulfil that need in you, without over eating are an important part of the hypnotherapeutic approach.