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No matter what the situation,
remind yourself "I have a choice".
~Deepak Chopra

Achieve lasting change...
*Individual responses to hypnotherapy will vary, and results cannot be guaranteed. Results will vary from person to person.

Hypnotherapeutic Approaches

Through Hypnosis we can reach deep levels of relaxation during which our mind is more open to positive suggestions of more effective ways of thinking and behaving to help us achieve what we want to, and eliminate those habits that can hold us back.

- Analytical Hypnotherapy helps to address problems by seeking to reveal the root cause, empowering you to utilise your own resources to resolve symptoms and achieve lasting change.

- Suggestion Hypnotherapy addresses unhelpful habits and behaviours by helping to identify how you want things to be and see yourself achieving it.

- Thought Field Therapy (TFT)
"TFT is a treatment for psychological disturbances which provides a code that, when applied to a psychological problem the individual is attuned to, will eliminate perturbations in the Thought Field, the fundamental cause of all negative emotions."   Roger Callahan, PhD - Tapping the Healer Within
When we think about an emotionally engaged event, past, current or future, we will conjure a range of negative emotions. Thought Field Therapy works by eliminating the perturbations of that particular Thought Field, by tapping the meridian points associated with the negative emotions, to allow us to freely think about or remember the same event without experiencing the full impact of the negative emotions attached to it - a bit like acupuncture but without the needles.

How many sessions?
The therapies offered provide effective and rapid treatment. Many people will find relief with as few as one to four sessions, while some issues will require more sessions. This will be discussed in partnership with the client.
What does it cost?
£50 per therapy session, approximately 1 hour. Support CD/MP3 included.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy is £95 per person, and includes a follow-up session within 9 months, a support CD/MP3 and meridian tapping for addictive urge.

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Thought Field Therapy sample for Anxiety
A contemporary tapping therapy to help to reduce anxiety, from Meridian Wellbeing Hypnotherapy.
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Professor Tony Stewart Talking About EFT on BBC Midlands 14th Jan 2014
Professor Tony Stewart appearing on BBC Midlands talking how effective he's found EFT.For further information, screenshots and transcript in English, French & German see here:+ http://theamt.c...

Tapping (EFT) is now being successfully used in the NHS with excellent results as seen in the above BBC video from Jan 2014.