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Have you been here before?

Most of us have experienced that feeling of having been here before. Someone we meet for the first time seems so familiar we feel like we already know them, or a place we’ve never been before feels inexplicably comfortable and easy.

Our subconscious mind stores all of our experiences, memories, things we’ve read, pictures we have seen, and so it is often the case that new experiences will remind us of these past experiences. Regression techniques used in hypnotherapy can be utilised to help us mend past unresolved events or feelings from some of these experiences. However, sometimes it may seem as if there is more going on.

In his book, Memories of Heaven, released following his own passing in 2015, Dr Wayne W. Dyer compiled a collection of stories from parents of very young children who had spoken frankly of their time before their current life. Many people who have young children have experienced those fleeting moments where their young child says something so knowing and astounding it has stopped them in their tracks.

One mother in the book recalled “When my son was three years old, learning to tie his shoes, he looked up at me and said, “I used to be a man before, but I guess I will have to learn how to do this again.”

Hypnotherapy can be an interesting tool to discover if perhaps we have lived before, and if the subconscious mind can recollect some of these experiences. Whether or not we believe in reincarnation a Past Life Regression can be a fascinating experience that can open our mind up to the many possibilities. 

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