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Make the changes you want to make, to live the life you want to live.

I offer a tailored approach, suitable for your individual needs, ensuring a friendly, comfortable and confidential experience. 


Hypnotherapy  (Suggestion and Analytical)
Suitable For Weight Loss,  Anxiety, Stress, Phobias (Heights, Flying, Spiders etc.), Performance & Confidence, Behaviour Cessation, Nail Biting, Teeth Grinding, IBS, Relaxation. Using hypnosis, a deep level of relaxation can be achieved in which our mind is more open to receiving positive suggestions, providing effective ways to help us achieve our desired outcomes, and eliminate unhelpful beliefs that hold us back.

Counselling (Person Centred, Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioural)

Alongside hypnotherapy, I provide a safe space to explore personal issues in a non-judgemental and confidential setting. Topics brought to therapy can include relationship issues, difficult life events, emotions and feelings, behaviour patterns, ways of thinking and unresolved past issues. Talking therapy can help you to learn new ways of coping, make positive changes, and work towards goals.


Energy Therapies (Thought field Therapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques) 

Revolutionary and highly effective psychological therapies for the relief of emotional and psychological issues including stress, anxiety, phobias, trauma. 

I use a  blend of therapies in an integrative way to achieve the best results for every client. As a Psychologist (Occupational), I apply psychological principles to a client's situation (work, activities, roles and responsibilities), to enhance their well-being, performance, and overall experience, and address a wide range of psychological and emotional challenges that individuals face in their personal and professional lives, by providing holistic support for clients' well-being and success both in the workplace, and in other areas of their lives.

We all have basic emotional needs that need to be fulfilled for our wellbeing and performance:

  • To feel safe, nurt​ured and accepted.
  • To have some autonomy, to feel competent and to have a sense of identity.
  • To have the freedom to express our own needs and emotions.
  • To be able to act spontaneously and to play (have fun).
  • To live within realistic limits, which help to apply self-control.
Therapy helps us to better identify and meet these needs in a safe and supported way.


Contact me here for more information or to check availability to Book an Appointment for a free 15min, no obligation Consultation, to answer any questions and find out if therapy can help you. This can lead into a full session at that time or a later date, if you are happy to proceed.


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Depending upon the issue, some clients achieve their desired outcome in up to 6 sessions, while some issues may require longer. Many clients find it beneficial to maintain results by returning periodically to help them stay on track with their desired goals and changes. I work in partnership with clients to ensure sessions are tailored to the specific needs of each individual.

*Individual responses to hypnotherapy will vary, and results cannot be guaranteed. Results will vary from person to person.

**It would not be realistic for me to make guarantees with hypnotherapy and other therapies. Results vary from individual to individual. Each client is unique and responds accordingly and will achieve the outcome in their own way with collaboration from me. Though I can offer an evidence base for the efficacy of interventions used in this field, I cannot guarantee a client of success or of achieving absolutely what they wish, though I aim to do so as best I can.

In Case of Emergency

The services I provide are not suitable to use as an emergency service. In case of emergency, please contact your GP or emergency services on 999. If you require someone to talk to urgently please contact a suitable organisation such as Samaritans, tel: 116 123, e-mail: 

When you shouldn't use hypnotherapy

Important: Do not use hypnotherapy if you have psychosis or certain types of personality disorder, as it could make your condition worse.

Consult with your GP first if you have any conditions that might not be suitable to hypnotherapy. 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Vicky was very friendly and welcoming. I felt instantly at ease. We covered a lot of my background and I felt that Vicky was really listening to me and understanding my issue which is quite complex and multilayered. I like that we are working in collaboration and I’m not just being ‘fixed’ as Vicky gave me exercises to do to encourage me. I’m really looking forward to future sessions. - Anonymous


Yes I would recommend Vicky 100% took the time explaining what’s happening More than happy with the outcome early days but in the right frame of mind and going forward To a better place.Stephen


Vicky was great, she answered all my questions and explained what would happen during the sessions.   -Margaret


I felt very calm relaxed during my session and found I thought about what she had said during it and out it into practice which I found really surprising. Looking forward to my next session. - Emily


Calm, practical and friendly. I am already seeing results after one session. - Anonymous


Incredibly helpful.  - Anonymous


First time having hypnotherapy and I found it very helpful and relaxing. Can’t wait to go back!   - Anonymous


Pleasant and helpful.  - Christine


This was my first appointment with Vicky and I found her to be understanding and pragmatic. I am looking forward to our next session. Anonymous


What a fantastic treatment I received. This women really knows her stuff ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Nicola


Vicky was very welcoming and helpful. She put me at ease and the hypnotherapy has started to help.  - Huw


Made very welcome and had things explained well. Wendy


Brilliant service. Extremely helpful professional and friendly. Thank you!  - William


Pleasant & relaxing. -  Ellie


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