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Client Testimonials 

*Individual responses to hypnotherapy will vary, and results cannot be guaranteed. Results will vary from person to person.

"The sessions have helped me overcome a range of issues that I have lived with for a long time. I feel that a weight has been lifted, and life seems clearer- allowing me to move forward."

L, Kincardine


"Following our session, I had an encounter with a dog yesterday. The dog came running out and suddenly jumped on someone I was with. I was OK, just a bit wary - but not terrified like usual!"

T, Cumbernauld


"The relaxation CD and tapping techniques are continuing to support me in dealing with stress and anxiety, very glad I came and saw you."

L, Denny


"I am very surprised with the outcomes and successes of changing lifetime habits in such a short time. I know this will continue to improve with time, and I could not be happier with my choice to do this and the therapist I chose."

L, Clackmannan


"From my first session where I couldn't even complete due to distress of talking about flying, I can't believe I would go on a plane now if it was at my door. Vicky has been extremely understanding, patient and turned my fears on their head!"

L, Stirling


"I felt satisfied from the first session and now feel more than 100% satisfied."

N, Riverside, Stirling


"I didn't know what to feel - but have over the 3 sessions become more at tune within myself and very positive about the future success."

M, Stirling


"I feel so much better, just like a new person."

D, Fallin


"I gained a clarity from the session and following it I knew clearly what I wanted to do."

B, Denny


"All I can say about last week is that it is the most relaxed I've ever been, and this week I had the best driving lesson I've ever had. Driving just doesn't seem to phase me the way it did before."

M, Stirling


"I had a few sessions with you this time last year and I have improved in my fear tenfold."

J, Uddingston


"I felt very relaxed during treatments and now feel more comfortable at home and work where my phobia was a problem."

J, Stirling


"I seem to be doing quite well just now using your MP3s and tapping. Thanks for all your help, I found it very useful."

D, Stirling


*"Wonderful! Wish I'd done this years ago!"

P, Thornhill


"I really can't believe the difference it's made. It's been absolutely amazing."

C, Dennyloanhead


"I am feeling quite descent now, I feel it has dealt with a lot of things that I didn't realise needed dealt with."

S, Stirling


"Professional, informative and supportive service. Hypnotherapy is working for my situation well."

K, Doune


"I was very impressed at the difference just one session made to my thinking - and it gave me a new perspective on the issue."

H, Stirling


"Sessions were very relaxing and productive. I felt at ease discussing my issues and felt all of my comments were taken on board. The treatment was clearly explained and I felt fully informed."

L, Larbert


"Very impressed with hypnotherapy treatment. Would come back again!"

M, Tullibody


"That was the most surreal relaxing experience I've ever had in my life. That was immense!"

S, Falkirk


" Hi Vicky,

I hope this email finds you well,

I am just sending you an email to let you know my progress.

After having the last gastric band session with you on 27 January this year I have lost to date 5 Stone 1 Pound and I have dropped down 4 dress sizes.

I want to thank you and let you know that its has changed my life drastically, I am alot more confident than I use to be, I am not on a diet I have made a complete lifestyle change, I haven't had any crisps, chocolates, cakes, sweets anything that's not healthy for me since you helped me.

Again this was just a message to thank you again.



"Fantastic treatment, really pleased with the results so far and look forward to a healthier future." L, Stirling


"Feel a difference in myself since week one, not too drastic but big changes." A, Falkirk


"It has gone well so far and looking forward to continuing results." J, Dunblane


"Has been a great experience. Every week things have improved and getting better with my own mindset. Feel great sense of achievement in my progress this far and looking forward to the coming weeks as things continue to improve. Would recommend to anyone thinking of lifestyle changes and not just a quick fix." S, Bannockburn


"Thanks! It went really well - I was the best I could have been."

P, Stirling


"Since my first session I have never felt hungry between meals and started eating more healthily and noticed some weight loss." D, Kincardine


"Very pleasant and worthwhile experience. Will miss the sessions!" A, Bo'ness


"I was impressed and totally satisfied with the results so far and have confidence this treatment will work long term." E, Alloa


"I have felt a change and a difference in myself. I feel more full and satisfied. I feel I don't need to empty my plate, feel a lot happier." D, Stirling


"Very helpful, hope to continue at home to make a real difference in my eating habits. Lovely surroundings and helpful atmosphere throughout." D, Dunblane


"Feels great to be able to pass certain foods and not crave them like I did before. I feel in control now." A, Bridge of Allan


"Originally quite cynical, very pleased with outcome." T, Tullibody


"Feeling more energised and positive to make the changes I need." B, Larbert


*"Would definitely recommend to others." S, Stenhousemuir


*"Very relaxing experience." A, Alloa


*"I feel within just a couple of weeks I have been able to control how I eat and what I eat better than I normally would." B, Stirling


*"I have felt no urge to eat chocolate or crisps, and hopefully I will reach my target." E, Kincardine

*"Vicky was excellent in helping and recognising my issues. She made me feel very comfortable and the sessions have been extremely successful." F, Stirling



*"Found this has given me the lift that I needed to start feeling positive about my eating habits again and a healthier future." - C, Stirling



*"See such a difference in my eating habits, much fuller quicker." - D, Menstrie



*"I have enjoyed my sessions and feel that I am no longer wanting cakes, sweets, crisps etc." -

E, Thornhill


*"I have noticed a huge difference (reduction) in the amount of food I am able/want to eat. I feel alot more confident now than when I first started." - A, Alva



*"I have felt 100% more relaxed about my day-to-day thoughts with a much more positive outlook."

- A, Causewayhead



*"Has been a great experience. It has helped me alot with making me aware of how important it is to eat the correct foods. Very pleased with the full experience and would recommend it to others!"

- J, Callander



*"Amazing experience. It has helped me alot. I feel totally relaxed and with the weight slowly coming off, very confident." - N, Plean



*"I have enjoyed my time with Vicky and really believe it has helped me to lose weight. I will recommend it to all my friends." L, Stirling



*"Just to let you know Brian was successful in securing a place at college. He was great at the interview, on arriving he went to the reception himself, it was lovely to see him being so relaxed and confident. I have never seen him doing anything like that before."

- V, Falkirk


*"Vicky was a good therapist who explained the procedure well." - M, Bonnybridge



*"Very good! After years of being addicted to crisps and eating 6 packets a night, I don't even think about them. Amazing, and I now drink water which I never ever did before. - A, Stirling



*"Great experience. Highly recommend. Felt very comfortable and each session was explained extremely well." - C, Stirling



*"Enjoyed the sessions, very relaxing and soothing." - G, Grangemouth



*"Since starting the hypnotherapy sessions - Virtual Gastric Band - I have found it easier to avoid over eating. I have been able to focus on eating a healthier diet for the most part and have had a desire to exercise more. I feel more positive that I can overcome my issues with food."

- K, Livingston



*"Enjoyed every minute, feel so much more positive about losing weight and lifestyle change. Looking forward to the new skinny, healthy me." - E, Livingston



*"I shall listen to the CD to try to reinforce and relax." - K, Falkirk



*"I have learned some excellent tools for coping with difficult situations and ave also learnt useful relaxation techniques. Highly recommended." - C, Stirling



*"Found treatment very relaxing and proved to be very successful." - A, Doune



*"This gave me some insight into ongoing difficulties which hold me back. Looking at what I have already achieved to use this as a base to work from will be helpful." - N , Stirling



*"I was surprised that after one session I could feel a benefit. The second session proved to be a booster I didn't realise I needed. To reach my goal will take some time and I hope the CD will give me confidence to carry on. So far I am both surprised and delighted with the results." - A, Stirling



*"Found the whole hypnotherapy treatment a very positive experience. Vicky relaxed me by her calm manner and soothing voice. Her approach has enabled me to deal with aspects of my golf game that have been an issue for me for some time. I now have the tools to further improve my game. Enjoyable, relaxing and very positive." - L, Stirling



*"Vicky has a very friendly and gentle manner. Therapy has had a big impact on my cravings. I would have no hesitation in recommending Vicky to others." - W, Stirling



*"I find public speaking quite stressful although it is part of my job to regularly do presentations. I now use TFT to reduce my anxiety before and during a presentation, and am starting to enjoy this part of my job." - M, Bridge of Allan

Feedback from workshops:



*"This way of looking at weight loss and body confidence is a revelation to me. I feel much more relaxed and confident. I now believe that over time, if I work on the emotions that cause me to overeat, the weight loss will just happen, or/and I will accept and love myself more."


*"I now think tapping can solve all problems - and I tell everyone about it!"


*"I feel much more relaxed overall as a person, addressing how I feel rather than how I look helps enormously. Tapping has given me a way of focussing on my feelings and has helped me to combat negative thoughts and turned them into positive feelings.."


*"I now don't think about turning to food as much as a crutch. I am drinking water and enjoying it. I also have a more positive outlook.I know this will be long term and look forward to the benefits of positive thinking about how I look and feel."


*"I have found that my self talk is a lot more positive and I am a lot less stressed. I have stopped drinking Irn Bru and don't crave chocolate or sweet things any more."


*"Tapping has greatly improved the way I think about myself and how I treat myself. It has also made me more accepting of myself and others. I am overall a more confident and less stressful person that I was 4 weeks ago."

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