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Tell me More About the Hypnotherapy Gastric Band...

A wee bit about weight loss and the Hypnotherapy Gastric Band. I offer the weight loss sessions over 2 sessions, usually approximately one week apart, and I also offer the Hypnotherapy Gastric Band over three sessions. They're both similar in that what they're trying to do is address the foods, the eating habits that you have that you feel you want to change.

The Gastric Band has the additional impact of a physical response. With the restriction of the gastric band, what clients find is that they can feel when they have had too much food, they feel when they are full, becoming much more aware of how much they've eaten, and more aware of their body's signals around that, causing them to feel uncomfortable, nauseous or sick if they eat beyond this point. The restriction can be changed over time according to the individual needs at the time, but also it slows down how quickly people eat. That's the main difference between the two. For both I use aversion therapy as well, thinking about something that you already find quite disgusting or repulsive and linking that to the foods and the habits that you have that you want to address, reduce or eliminate.

Over the three sessions, most clients find that almost immediately they start to notice a shift in their relationship with food. With hypnotherapy it's different from dieting, we're not trying to change ourselves on the outside, we're trying to change on the inside so that the subconscious starts to move us towards those new behaviours, where eating fatty, sugary foods starts to not feel right anymore. It isn't that we are depriving ourselves of those, we just choose to have more healthy foods, healthier options. It's a different way of losing weight which means clients find it easier to maintain. It's more about looking forward to the future. You aren't dieting to lose weight for an event, you're dieting and changing your eating habits and your whole relationship with food an with eating, to maintain that into the future. 

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