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Q2 Can Everyone be Hypnotised?

Can everyone be hypnotised? I look at hypnosis and susceptibility or responsiveness to hypnosis on a continuum. If you imagine a continuum like this, of the whole population, on one end you'll find that there are people who are very susceptible to hypnosis. On the other end, there will be people who find it more difficult to achieve hypnosis or deeper states of relaxation. The majority of people will sit in the middle, and so most people will find that they are able to respond to hypnotherapy.

With more sessions, and more experience of hypnosis, people will find it easier to reach deeper levels of hypnosis. Some people will find it difficult if they have any difficulties or anxieties around that feeling of losing control. It's often a case of feeling more comfortable, of experiencing your first session, of finding out what it's going to feel like when you're in hypnosis. 

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