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Q1 Does Hypnotherapy Work?

The question I'm asked probably most often by clients is whether hypnotherapy actually works. Hypnosis is a natural state,it's a level of awareness that we'll go in and out of naturally throughout our day-to-day activities. So whenever we're concentrating on a task, and we're very deeply involved in that task, and time seems to go by slightly differently, we might look at our watch and think it's only been 20 minutes, when an hour's gone by. Or if you've ever driven a very familiar route for example, and you get to your destination and find you can't remember driving there, you've forgotten some of the route, while you have been so deeply involved in thought about something entirely different.

So, we go in and out of states of gentle hypnosis anyway, and when we are using hypnosis in a very concentrated, specific way in hypnotherapy, we find that we are able to access deeper levels of awareness. What we are doing is focussing our awareness, instead of on the outside, we are focusing it more on the inside, so that we can start to utilise some of the aspects of our subconscious mind.

Our subconscious mind is a little bit like a database of information and our conscious mind, where we are just now, dips in and out of that subconscious information, our beliefs, our habits, our expectations, our memories - all of the things that are stored on a deeper level. Those things can influence us in a day-to-day way that we don't realise is influencing us.

When we are in hypnosis we can find that we can start to reframe anything that's locked in there that's really not serving us positively anymore, any outdated information, outdated beliefs, things that we can start to look at in a different way to allow us to move forward more positively, more effectively. 

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