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How Will I Feel During Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy?

How will I feel? What I find is that particularly in a first session, what we're hoping to achieve is a state of deep relaxation, so deep physical relaxation, where you can almost lose the feeling of your body, you can feel almost as though you're floating, you feel so relaxed.

Mentally, you can actually feel more alert, more aware, but internally focussed. So while you might still be aware of things going on around you, you might still hear noises from outside the building, or noises from the room or other rooms around you, you are much less interested in what's going on outside of you. You are internally focussed, and it feels a bit like, if you've ever been sunbathing.

If you've ever been lying on a beach sunbathing and you know that you're not awake completely, and you know that you're not asleep. You can hear sounds around you, children playing, ice cream, things like that, but you're not overly concerned with those things, and if you wanted to open your eyes to find out what was going on around you, you would find it quite difficult.

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