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Coronoavirus - COVID 19 Update:

****All sessions are now online using for the foreseeable future****


If you are feeling overwhelmed with current events, please consider making use of the free resources on the website which can help to manage your response. A free 15 min MP3 download for Stress and Relaxation is available from my shop, under FREE Relaxation MP3.

Under Resources there are also videos and worksheets to try a very effective energy psychotherapy called Thought Field Therapy, which can really help with those anxious feelings.


All Hypnotherapy sessions are being carried out remotely via Zoom or Skype. This is easy to set up on a pc or mobile phone, and is generally just as effective as a face-to-face session. Call, text, email or msg me to arrange. Payment can be made on my website Shop at Pay for a Booked Session or with paypal. If you are in isolation/lockdown, this might be a good time to work on those issues you've been meaning to address for a while. All existing booked sessions can be easily completed in this way.

Advantages of online sessions: No travel expenses, You can do the session in your pyjamas, dates and times are flexible, no childcare required.


If you would prefer, I can create for you a bespoke mp3 track to help you address any issue. You can listen to this regularly to make the desired changes from the inside out.

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