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Wedding Nerves, Stress and Anxiety

Planning Your Wedding can be stressful. With increasing pressure for it to be “The Perfect Day”, the stress of the wedding preparations can begin weeks, months, even years in advance, with the risk of spoiling the day, and impacting on your happiness and relationships, as well as affecting your ability to cope.

Wedding Stress can be emotional and physical, leading to physical tension, headaches, upset stomach, skin breakouts, nausea, shaking and sweating, as well as feeling agitated, overwhelmed, panicked, tearful or anxious. Behaviours can include quarrelling, differences of opinion, difficulty sleeping, worrying and obsessing over details.

Anxiety, worry, and nerves about the wedding can develop for a number of reasons such as:

·          Fear of public speaking

·          Feeling nervous about being the centre of attention

·          Worries about the wedding preparations

·          Financial concerns

·          Fear of what others will think

·          Anxiety of a lifelong commitment or becoming a parent

·          Feelings about your parents’ divorce, or loss about a loved one no longer with you

·          Apprehension about separating from family, or about joining another family

·          Unresolved interpersonal issues

In addition, if the excitement of planning the wedding eclipses your bigger plans for the marriage, as soon as the wedding day is over, the energy, the passion and the enthusiasm is depleted. It’s crucial in a successful marriage to set positive and shared goals beyond the wedding day well into your future together.

Achieve success, not just for the wedding day but for the rest of your married lives!

·          Be free of anxiety, nerves and fear on your wedding day

·          Sleep well and be free from worry

·          Remain calm and relaxed

·          Remember your vows and speeches with ease

·          Feel confident and relaxed in front of your guests

·          Plan for the marriage not just the Wedding Day

·          Affirm your hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future

·          Enjoy your special day!

With Hypnotherapy, you and your fiancé can utilise internal resources and tools to keep the wedding plans in perspective and your marriage and happiness in focus as you prepare for, and enjoy this magical journey, remaining calm, relaxed and joyful!

Joint Session: to help you clarify shared goals and accept each other and whatever happens on the day with peace, love and gratitude. 1 hour (£50)

Individual Session: focusing on relaxation and tailored to address your personal concerns. 1 hour (£50)

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