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What Happens in a First Hypnotherapy Session?

What happens in a first session? When you come to see me for the first time, we'll sit down and I'll gain some background information from you first, and ask you to explain to me what you would like to achieve through the hypnotherapy sessions. That background helps me to take the right approach for you. I view it very much as a partnership, so we'll discuss the approaches we take in sessions as we go along, and I will seek to find out what you feel is working for you and what you feel might not be working quite so well, and if there are any questions, problems or issues that might crop up, or any other issues that evolve from the first sessions we can discuss and address that.

It's a very individual process, so working in partnership with the client we will move forward towards achieving the goal or the target that you have set for yourself - what you want to achieve, and discuss the best way to get there.

So, in a first session I'll be getting some background and I'll get some medical history and other details about what you want to achieve, and then we'll have a gentle first session. I usually use a gentle induction, so nothing too extreme, a guided visualisation type induction session, and then working on the actual issue at hand. Once you are in a nice state of relaxation then we'll start to work on the issue itself. Generally, I won't just launch straight into addressing the issue because actually achieving the state of relaxation, allowing your conscious mind to push to the background and allowing that subconscious mind to to come to the fore, we can then start to work on some of the issues from that perspective. 

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