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What Hypnotherapeutic Approaches Do You Take?

What approaches do I use in hypnotherapy sessions? In analytical hypnotherapy I use two main approaches, a suggestion, suggestive type approach whereby the subconscious mind doesn't actually know the difference between us actively imagining something and it actually happening. We can use this knowledge by allowing our subconscious mind to start to see things the way that we want them to be, as if they already are. For example, if we want to lose weight, and we allow our subconscious mind to start to see us not at our current reality, our current weight, but to see us at our target. Then the subconscious mind doesn't know that in reality we're not there yet, and our subconscious mind will just start to move toward that suggestion, that dominant self image.

The other type of approach that I use is a more analytical approach, whereby we are actually looking at how information has been processed in the subconscious mind and how that information is still currently working in a way now might be outdated. So for example, when we have an experience that happens to us in the past our subconscious mind will react in similar ways sometimes to it did in the past. What worked then it will just assume will work now, and what we can do is start to look at those automatic behaviours that we have in order to protect us, which now might have become outdated. \they are no longer positive, they are no longer protecting us, and we can reframe that automatic system so that it's starting to move towards behaviours, coping strategies that are more in keeping with what's happening with us now, and less with what happened in the past.

Part of our subconscious mind's purpose is to help to keep us safe, to help to protect us, but sometimes the way that it's doing that becomes outdated and it's no longer having the effect. With hypnotherapy, we can reframe , by understanding what's been locked in there, and what's just gone into an automatic process. We can start to make that process more positive, on the subconscious level. 

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