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"Minds are like Parachutes;

they work best when open."

~Thomas Dewar

Innovative ways to improve the health, motivation, focus and performance of your team as part of your employee health & wellbeing initiatives…



Hypnotherapy provides an energising respite in a stressful day. Employees gather in groups for a shared 30-minute

session of listening, relaxation and light hypnosis. Each person's experience is personal and entirely private. Hypnotherapy provides an energising respite in a stressful day. Each person's experience is personal and private. While individual hypnotherapy is highly customised and interactive, the themes in a group session are more general so that they apply to everyone within a work setting: increased focus and clarity of thought, creativity, collaboration, team working, productivity, performance and contribution, and wellbeing at work. Participants leave the session feeling refreshed, energised, focussed and ready to be productive. Chronic stress and illness are intertwined. Psychological stress can contribute to an increase in minor illnesses such as cold and flu, to allergies and more serious conditions such as heart disease. Regular, brief hypnotherapy sessions are a cost-effective antidote to the ongoing stress of a demanding environment.

£60 - 30 minute group session (no participant maximum)




Bring Hypnotherapy Sessions to the Workplace!

Provide individual Hypnotherapy sessions at your workplace, 4 x 1hr individual sessions per wellbeing day.

Workplace Wellbeing Days help to make this valuable therapy more accessible and convenient. (Employers can provide, subsidise, or simply host the sessions; both employees and organisations benefit).

Workplace Sessions are £55per person, including a Workplace Visit rate up to 10 miles. 4 x 1 hr hypnotherapy sessions per visit. **All Workplace Wellbeing sessions must be paid in advance.

Hypnotherapy improves productivity and performance by addressing unhelpful habits or behaviours enabling individuals to identify goals and utilising the subconscious mind to move towards their vision, empowering lasting change.

Workplace issues include:

Public Speaking, Improving Performance, Test or Exam Anxiety, Confidence ...

Personal issues include:

Phobias, IBS, Insomnia and Weight Loss ...

A quiet, private meeting room/office will be required to conduct the sessions. Each session is approximately 1 hour. To ensure confidentiality, participants are requested to contact me directly (by email, text or phone call) prior to their appointment, to let me know what they would like to work on during the session. Sessions must be paid in advance. Sessions unattended by client may be rearranged at the discretion of the hypnotherapist, however will not be refunded.




This workshop incorporates:

  • workplace wellbeing
  • team building and
  • goal setting
  • £199, max 10 participants

Common Goals of Self-Hypnosis:

  • improve performance and productivity
  • increase resilience, reduce anxiety
  • improve concentration
  • enhance creativity
  • reduce stress
  • improve self-esteem
  • relieve insomnia
  • stop smoking
  • manage weight...


  • the power of self-talk & expectations
  • relaxation techniques
  • how to control stress and anxiety
  • positive self-imagery & goal setting techniques
  • tools to improve performance
  • *includes a self-hypnosis CD




Local Assessment Solutions * Affordable & Accessible

Concerned with the reliability of just interviews and references in recruitment?

  • Would like to understand more about your personality, strengths and challenges?
  • Suitable for Small Local Companies & Not-For-Profit Orgs
  • Assessment Batteries Tailored to Specific Requirements
  • Impartial 1-t-1 Assessments, held at Stirling office
  • Transparent Pricing Structure

Assessment products to maximise individual and workplace performance, from Psytech International, one of the world's leading developers of psychometric tests and software.

One-to-one assessments offered in Stirling, by a Chartered Occupational Psychologist.

Affordable and accessible psychometric assessments for individuals, small businesses and organisations - tailored test batteries available from under £100 per respondent/candidate.

Achieve more reliability and make better informed decisions than just depending on interviews and references can provide.

Assessment Test batteries tailored to your specific requirements, with a transparent pricing structure.

All assessments held one-to-one, at my premises, to protect impartiality, as an addition to your in-house recruitment process.

A range of psychometric assessments available across:

  • Personality
  • Aptitude & Ability
  • Values & Motives
  • Preferences

Vicky McLeod is a Stirling based BPS/HCPC Registered Workplace Psychologist and GHR Registered Analytical Hypnotherapist. Note: Clinic price for an individual session is £50.

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